Tethered Music

Followings are playlists with songs we are considering for the movie. If you are inspired by any of these songs, feel free to play with them in your edits. I still have a number of lists to add.

London Bound// 19 tracks, 75 mb, 2010 ( download )

Nero gave me this mix before I parted to London. This list of songs intertwined with my first semester at King’s College: dancing, drinking, and conversing. I am strongly leaning to using “Surfin On a Rocket” (track 2) in the movie.

  • London Bound > track list
    • 01: Draper Reads Ohara, Mad Men
      02: Surfin On a Rocket, AIR
      03: Are Friends Electric
      04: Loves Easy Tears
      05: Take Me Im Yours
      06: Where Are My Panties
      07: Ive Done It Again
      08: The Killing Moon
      09: All The Young Dudes
      10: fantastic level
      11: London
      12: BadnRuin
      13: SOS
      14: Jump Into The Fire
      15: A Salty Salute
      16: How Many More Year
      17: American Bullshit
      18: Real American
[audio:https://centrifugal.me/media/music/london-bound/01 Draper Reads Ohara.mp3,
https://centrifugal.me/media/music/london-bound/02 Surfin On a Rocket.mp3,
https://centrifugal.me/media/music/london-bound/03 Are Friends Electric.mp3,
https://centrifugal.me/media/music/london-bound/04 Loves Easy Tears.mp3,
https://centrifugal.me/media/music/london-bound/05 Take Me Im Yours.mp3,
https://centrifugal.me/media/music/london-bound/06 Where Are My Panties.mp3,
https://centrifugal.me/media/music/london-bound/07 Ive Done It Again.mp3,
https://centrifugal.me/media/music/london-bound/08 The Killing Moon.mp3,
https://centrifugal.me/media/music/london-bound/09 All The Young Dudes.mp3,
https://centrifugal.me/media/music/london-bound/10 fantastic level.mp3,
https://centrifugal.me/media/music/london-bound/11 London.mp3,
https://centrifugal.me/media/music/london-bound/12 BadnRuin.mp3,
https://centrifugal.me/media/music/london-bound/13 SOS.mp3,
https://centrifugal.me/media/music/london-bound/14 Jump Into The Fire.mp3,
https://centrifugal.me/media/music/london-bound/15 A Salty Salute.mp3,
https://centrifugal.me/media/music/london-bound/16 How Many More Years.mp3,
https://centrifugal.me/media/music/london-bound/17 American Bullshit.mp3,
https://centrifugal.me/media/music/london-bound/18 Real American.mp3|titles=Draper Reads Ohara,Surfin On a Rocket,Are Friends Electric,Loves Easy Tears,Take Me I’m Yours,Where Are My Panties?,I’ve Done It Again,The Killing Moon,All The Young Dudes,Fantastic Level,London,Bad’n’Ruin,SOS,Jump Into The Fire,A Salty Salute,How Many More Years,American Bullshit,Real American]

Tethered Duos

// 12 tracks, 62 mb, 2012 (download)

Nero suggested that we use similar songs by various artists in different ways. For example, perhaps—as two characters chat in a café—”In Crowd” by Ramsey Lewis Trio (Track 1) plays in the background. Then later, the same song covered by Bryan Ferry (Track 2) plays in a new context…maybe in Etienne’s dream or during another pivotal scene. The idea is to use different artists from different places and times to make greater meanings.

  • Tethered Duos > track list
    • 01: In Crowd, Ramsey Lewis Trio
      02: The in crowd, Bryan Ferry
      03: Sherlock Holmes, The Dirtbombs
      04: Sherlock Holmes, Sparks
      05: Fever, “Little” Willie John
      06: Tomour, Lizzy Mercier Descloux
      07: Lovelight Shines, Diana Ross & The Supremes
      08: Lovelight Shines, Dusty Springfield
      09: Wang Dang Doodle, Howlin’ Wolf
      10: Wang Dang Doodle, PJ Harvey
      11: Cry Me A River, Sam Cooke
      12: Cry Me A River, Claudine Longet
[audio:https://centrifugal.me/media/music/tethered/duos/01 In Crowd-Trio.mp3,
https://centrifugal.me/media/music/tethered/duos/02 The In Crowd-Ferry.mp3,
https://centrifugal.me/media/music/tethered/duos/03 Sherlock Holmes-Dirtbombs.mp3,
https://centrifugal.me/media/music/tethered/duos/04 Sherlock Holmes-Sparks.mp3,
https://centrifugal.me/media/music/tethered/duos/05 Fever-John.mp3,
https://centrifugal.me/media/music/tethered/duos/06 Tumour Fever-Descloux.mp3,
https://centrifugal.me/media/music/tethered/duos/07 When The Lovelight Starts-Ross.mp3,
https://centrifugal.me/media/music/tethered/duos/08 Lovelight Shines-Springfield.mp3,
https://centrifugal.me/media/music/tethered/duos/09 Wang Dang Doodle-Wolf.mp3,
https://centrifugal.me/media/music/tethered/duos/10 Wang Dang Doodle-Harvey.mp3,
https://centrifugal.me/media/music/tethered/duos/11 Cry Me A River-Cooke.mp3,
https://centrifugal.me/media/music/tethered/duos/12 Cry Me a River-Longet.mp3,
|titles=In Crowd – Ramsey Lewis Trio,The in crowd – Bryan Ferry,Sherlock Holmes – The Dirtbombs,Sherlock Holmes – Sparks,Fever – Little Willie John,Tunmour (Fever) – Lizzy Mercier Descloux,When The Lovelight Starts Shining Through His Eyes – Diana Ross & The Supremes,Lovelight Shines – Dusty Springfield,Wang Dang Doodle – Howlin’ Wolf,Wang Dang Doodle – PJ Harvey ,Cry Me a River – Sam Cooke,Cry Me a River – Claudine Longet]

Nero’s Suggestions

// 8 tracks, 21 mb, 2012 (download)

Following are a collection of songs Nero also suggested for the movie. Again, these songs may either be played in the background—at clubs, pubs, or cafés—or in Etienne’s dream world.

  • Nero’s Suggestion > track list
    • 01: The Killing Moon, Echo & the Bunnymen
      02: The Bitterest Pill, The Jam
      03: Down To You, Joni Mitchell
      04: The Windmills Of Your Mind, Dusty Springfield
      05: People’s Parties, Joni Mitchell
      06: Last Train To London, Electric Light Orchestra
      07: Helen Of Troy, John Cale
      08: Delius, Kate Bush
[audio:https://centrifugal.me/media/music/tethered/nero-tethered-songs/01 The Killing Moon-Echo.mp3,
https://centrifugal.me/media/music/tethered/nero-tethered-songs/02 The Bitterest Pill-Jam.mp3,
https://centrifugal.me/media/music/tethered/nero-tethered-songs/03 Down To You-Mitchell.mp3,
https://centrifugal.me/media/music/tethered/nero-tethered-songs/04 The Windmills Of Your Mind-Springfield.mp3,
https://centrifugal.me/media/music/tethered/nero-tethered-songs/05 People’s Parties-Mitchell.mp3,
https://centrifugal.me/media/music/tethered/nero-tethered-songs/06 Last Train To London-Electric.mp3,
https://centrifugal.me/media/music/tethered/nero-tethered-songs/07 Helen Of Troy-Cale.mp3,
https://centrifugal.me/media/music/tethered/nero-tethered-songs/08 Delius-Bush.mp3,
|titles=The Killing Moon – Echo and the Bunnymen,The Bitterest Pill – The Jam,Down to You – Joni Mitchell,The Windmills of Your Mind – Dusty Springfield,People’s Parties – Joni Mitchell,Last Train to London – Electric Light Orchestra,Helen of Troy – John Cale,Delius – Kate Bush]

Parting London// 5 tracks, 19.8 mb, 2012 (download)

This is a list of songs that I came across while reviewing the story in Monrovia (Los Angeles). Ironically, while in Monrovia, a parted a small bar called London. This lead me to a bar called Sena’s and then Nikki C’s…and these sounds emerged. This list first started after hearing Erik Satie’s Six Gnossiennes, track 4. This tone could be something special, as was Satie to la culture française.

  • Parting London > track list
    • 01: Want to Fly, Philip Glass
      02: Sydamestani rakastan – My Whole Heart, Sibelius
      03: Berceuse, Samaltanos
      04: Six Gnossiennes – Lint No. 1, Satie
      05: Arlanda, Julie Kent
[audio:https://centrifugal.me/media/music/tethered/classical/01 want to fly-glass.mp3,
https://centrifugal.me/media/music/tethered/classical/02 My Hold Heart-Sibelius.mp3,
https://centrifugal.me/media/music/tethered/classical/03 Samaltanos-Berceuse.mp3,
https://centrifugal.me/media/music/tethered/classical/04 Six Gnossiennes-Satie.mp3,
https://centrifugal.me/media/music/tethered/classical/05 Arlanda-Kent.mp3,
|titles=Want to Fly – Philip Glass,Sydamestani rakastan – My Whole Heart – Sibelius,Berceuse – Samaltanos,Six Gnossiennes Lint No. 1 – Satie,Arlanda – Julie Kent]

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  1. Joel

    Nero, just wanted to pass on a special thanks for putting these together.

  2. Afonso

    Going to spend the day listening to these… thanks for putting these together!

  3. Afonso

    RE: London Bound

    Love this mix. Reminds me of my time in London as well and growing up. I’ve actually seen most of these artists live already and some of them are some of my favorite music of all time. Good job.

    AIR has a ton of songs that are very cinematic in nature. Definitely look at some of their other stuff if you haven’t yet.

  4. Joel

    Yeah, listening to London Bound brings me right back. I think one of the biggest challenges regarding AIR, as Nero mentioned, would be licensing. Regardless, I had so many ideas while listening to “Surfing on a Rocket.” There is a company near the SFFS that handles licensing. I will have to talk to them at some point.

  5. Joel

    I also realized that I may have deleted a list when I created the new pages. It was some stuff that I was listening to while in LA. I will look into adding it soon.

  6. Vivian

    I love everything I heard here. Everything is really powerful and beautiful. That’s all I have to share about sound.

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