Media Studies 102 Midterm

This page originally served as a study guide for Prof. Retzinger’s Effects of Mass Media course (Media Studies, MS 102) at UC Berkeley, Fall 2009. A small group contributed and collaborated on this study guide and did very well on the exam. However, some did not study or contribute to the online study guide and also did very well, and although they were grateful for the guide—simply using the study info with out collaboration defeats the educational purpose: to learn, retain, and apply the ideas. So I password protected the original guide that includes terms, definitions, and dialogue. If you collaborated on the original guide, feel free to contact me for access. If you are currently preparing for Prof. Retzinger’s midterm then I recommend the following:

  1. Organize a small group of classmates
  2. Individually search and define each/every term
  3. Meet with your group and review the entire list

This takes more time but is the best way to study, compared to splitting the study guide into parts; some will see things others wont, so you’ll cover all ground. Furthermore, you will be more prepared to discuss concepts in your group.

Vision is a spectator; hearing is a participator. Publication is partial and the public which results is partially informed and formed until the meanings it purveys pass from mouth to mouth.
-John Dewey

The Midterms Primary Concepts: Uses & Gratifications, Priming Effect, Agenda Setting, Information Diffusion, Knowledge Gap, Third Person Effect